Selling my 83 Mercedes Benz 240D. I’ve had it since February of 2010, bought from the original owner and used it for a back and forth to work driver. I’ve replaced the brakes and shocks. Rebuilt the power steering pump and replaced the water pump and tires. It’s on it’s second set and are fairly new. The rear axles and boots have also been replaced. AC is equipped but does not work. It also has cruise control but that also does not work. It is on a salvage title. A lady ran into the left rear quarter panel trying to avoid a cat. She was nice enough to leave a note and I took it to her insurance company and they offered me a cash settlement and I could buy the car back. I drove just fine so I took the deal. There is no rust anywhere on the car.¬† Issues arose when I had a condition in which¬† that after I left a stop sign or stoplight, the car would have barely any power in which case I would pull over and let it idle for a few minutes then go and it would be back to normal power. This doesn’t happen all of the time. I have drove it trouble free for a day and then it would happen once the next day and then twice the day after and another day run great. I suspect it is the fuel pump that is going out and will need to be replaced. It is a great driving car but I parked it and started taking my new truck to work and got spoiled to it. I have updated the registration this April and is good for a full year. So I thought I would let her go to someone who loves these old Mercedes.

Yucaipa, California, United States