1983 Mercedes-Benz 240D This car was a barn-find a couple of years ago – it lived in a heated garage in St. Louis, without moving, for about 18 years prior to being revived in late 2014. Prior to its time in St. Louis, the car was a Florida car, and clearly well-taken care of. I drove this car daily after I bought it in early 2015 – it’s a daily-driver quality car, but cleans up very well. Drives and handles as it should. The engine is in superb shape – fires on the first turn and runs great. Suspension, brakes, tires, and fuel system are all in perfect shape. Car is currently insured by Hagerty and titled as an antique in Florida. The car has a salvage title – it has been damaged in 2 accidents, 20 and 25 years ago, prior to being placed in storage. The car shows no indications that it was ever damaged – no frame damage, no odd body gaps, no handling issues. The repairs were all first-rate, and nearly impossible to notice. The car is 33 years old, so does have some known issues: Antenna doesn’t work – could be the switch, or the antenna itself. Vacuum system doesn’t hold a vacuum after the car is turned off – slow leak somewhere in the system. ALL of the vacuum accessories (door locks, etc) work great – if the engine is running. A/C is original and works great, but has a slow refrigerant leak – holds a charge of R12 for about 4 weeks. Compressor works great – no noise, no distress. Several hoses and the drier have been replaced but the leak persists. System could be converted to new refrigerant at a local shop. I never did because I wanted to car to be original. Chances are the leak is an o-ring… Tint on the windows is probably 30 years old, and really needs to be removed/replaced

Clearwater, Florida, United States