2008 Porsche Cayman has no physical damage. We normally sell light damaged insurance vehicles here on ebay. We picked up this unit as a very light fresh water damaged vehicle. This vehicle was directly purchased from insurance auctions for resale in the condition you see it on the pics. No middle man involved. We have the salvage certificate of title (no-liens) at hand and ready to transfer to the new owner. Such vehicles can be legally returned back to the roads after proper repairs and your state motor vehicles inspection. Overall exterior in great condition with only a light scrape on the left quarter (see pic below). Interior is clean and has no smells. Looks like the water only wet the carpets/floor and never reached high levels. The seats and floor are dry and show no signs of any water at the moment. Looks like some control units and plugs under the seats got wet and were removed by the insurance adjuster/dealer during the inspection of the vehicle. The units are currently missing. We’ve noticed the hood/trunk release, rear wing, radio not to be working. Some warning lights are also on the dash. Such issues are most likely due to the missing control units under the seats. Other components such as the lights, climate control, power seats, are observed to be working. We do not perform full diagnostics on such cars so such listed items are only our observations.

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Originally listed on January 11, 2016. Note that older listings are displayed for reference and will most probably not be available.