I have a 2005 GOAT…it has 84k miles…in pretty good shape no mechanical issues At all, only cosmetic…Runs hard and strong all day, its very reliable…Its not perfect but Its a very good car…It has kooks headers(1 7/8) slp loudmouth exhaust (sounds great) And pretty aggressive tune…car is pretty fast and will beat pretty much anything in its class …the only bad i can think of are that the headliner sags (Very common issue with these cars) driver seat has a small rip and some paint is chipping On the passenger rear bumber (someone rubbed against it at the gym parking lot) And the stock rims need to be repainted..i never worried about them bc i had aftermarket rims on the car the entire time ive had the car but i sold them…stock rims have brand new tires on the though… Other than that its a pretty good car

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